Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Not only a place can have a reflection.  Staring on other’s face means a lot. So many reflection we could gain.

naik becak
Smiley face of my daughter will always be a reflection on how I treat her well & full of love

Me and my daughter, two ladies in red & lovely smile

Smile and spirit, are they only about young age? I don’t think so. My daughter reflects my joyful and cheerful life. So, where did I get all those happiness from?

Seventy years old isn’t a limit for young spirit. I inherite all smile & funny things from my beloved mother.

Pictures said so many words. Faces reflected so many wonderful journey.

Thank Allah SWT I’m blessed with lovely family. Our happiness reflects great blessings from The Almighty.

Come and join us on weekly photo challenge, or just see more wonderful picture of reflection. check the link here


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Uniek Kaswarganti

I'm a proud mom of two lovely kids, who prefer to read and write in my spare time. I like to write everything in my daily activities, give simple comments on products I wore, make reviews of books, films, and some more things interest me. It's open for everybody to contact me for any kind of job review or getting a testimoni of their products, do not hesitate ;)

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections”

  1. Orang-orang sekeliling dan lingkungan kita tinggal adalah refleksi dari kehidupan kita yang sesungguhnya ya Mbak. Hm, yah, manggut-manggut 🙂


  2. Foto menyimpan kenangan dan energi–energi cinta yang produktif untuk mendukung kita berkarya ya Mak, terutama dari orang-orang tercinta. Joss, emaknya jan funky tenan (mesti di bawah ancaman anak yg durhaha) wkwkw 😉


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